Real Estate Universe, Inc.

Refer Customers,

Earn Income

Welcome to Real Estate Universe, Inc.

Real Estate Universe Inc. offers you a unique opportunity to keep your professional status and license active without being required to pay expensive board fees and to earn income in the real estate field by referring customers, through your broker, to licensed REALTORS®.

Working as a referral associate gives you an excellent chance to make money with your real estate license without the challenges of a full-time real estate career. It doesn’t take any sort of special certification to make referrals, and the benefits include:


  • No Board Dues
  • No MLS Fees
  • No Supra e-Key Fees
  • No E & O Fees
  • No Tech Fees


Who is this ideal for?

Newly licensed individuals who are not yet ready to work full time.

Someone working full-time in another career who wants to earn referral fees.

Someone retired from real estate.

Someone who relocated to a new state but wants to maintain their Florida real estate license.

Deployed military personnel.